Do you usually tune God out in the everyday moments of life? I know I do. By nature, I am not a reflector; I am a doer. But when I sit and think and listen and pray, His voice can finally be heard by my deaf ears.

You and I are on a journey. Our path is messy, crooked, and sometimes scary. Maybe there's a paralyzing roadblock in your path right now, like infertility, grief, illness, worry, lust, or loneliness. Maybe your path is covered in obstacles - addiction, busyness, excessive work, debt, or gallons of spit up. Or perhaps your path is free right now, and you're blazing the trail for others. Wherever you are, God is there. Every moment, He is calling us to a life of devotion to Him.

Let's travel this journey together. I'll begin the narration, and you can jump in whenever you'd like by commenting or emailing me (thecandidpastorswife at gmail dot com).

Stephanie's Bio Tidbits:
  • neurotic, break-the-mold wife to a pastor at a church plant in Austin, Texas
  • blessed mother after 2 years of infertility
  • lover of people, food, laughter, and the great outdoors