Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Flashed An Elder

My pastor-hubby and I were invited to dinner at an elder's home the other night. The guys needed to do a little business chatting, and this was a time that worked for everyone.

We enjoyed a scrumptious homemade pizza dinner and the fun company of their toddler and infant. My little man Samuel is 8-months old and quite rambunctious. I mean, he's a boy, what do you expect? So we made our way into the living room to talk, and I was holding Sammy Sam... I use the term "holding" loosely because really he was climbing all over me. I love this about him, but it's more like an activity than a passive event.

One of the things Samuel loves right now is pulling on anything, and boy is he strong. He started pulling on the collar of my shirt, and then all of a sudden, he grabbed my collar and bra strap and pulled. All I know is that I saw myself bared. I have no idea if anyone else saw, but the elder was right across from me. I promptly handed Samuel over to Brad and tried to become one with the couch.

Oh the joys of a pastor's wife's life!


  1. So glad I found your blog! I was a pastors wife for 3 years and now hes in a different ministry capacity so I don't have the stresses of PW but we are considering another job change back into church leadership! I sure hope you win the Relevant ticket because I would love to meet you!

  2. I'm glad you found me, too!! I can't wait to hear about the ticket - if I win, let's meet up. I'm @StephaniePete on Twitter.

  3. Is it any consolation that said elder and his wife never noticed? :) And I know I've flashed my fair share of people, too -- baby boys sure make life interesting!

  4. LOL thanks Robyn! I was wondering if you would read this. ;-)